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To ensure the proper training in the classroom and in-car instruction, the very experienced owner delivers all these services personally to every student.

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Our Driving School located in Edmonton has created a user friendly registration process. Choose your package and book for your class or in car private lesson today.

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It takes study and practice to be a safe driver. With the knowledge and skill that comes from education and training, drivers will become more aware of their responsibilities when behind the wheel and the role they play in improving traffic safety.



Our Driving School located in Edmonton has created a user friendly registration process. Choose your package and book for your class or in car private lesson today.


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According to the statistics, the majority of the teenagers residing in western countries have an issued license at the age of 16 and they are enrolled in a driving school at age of 15. Learning how to drive is an enthralling thought but finding a driving school that will provide excellent and highly structured driving lessons could be an overwhelming process. It could be stress inducing for the teenagers as well as for their parents.

With an experience of 27 years in the business, Northgate Driving School has become one of the successful driving schools in Edmonton. Those youngsters who are looking for a driving school that could provide driving lessons in Edmonton, at Northgate Driving School, we offer dynamic lessons to our students and we train them to make competent drivers. Our driving lessons include; practicing safety on the road while driving and to have a proper command on the car’s steering and gear. To bring the best out of our students, we offer integrated driving lessons to our students, which includes, in-classroom lessons, in-car lessons, during which students are encouraged to drive in a broad area, which helps the student to be familiar with the driving tactics. We also excel in teaching the students about the traffic rules. We make it a rule that students are prohibited from using their cell phones or in engaging in any activities which would act as a distraction. At Northgate Driving School, we strictly follow the timetable as instructors and we expect our students to practice punctuality as well.

We, at Northgate Driving School, firmly believe in executing and implementing the best driving lessons in Edmonton, but we also assure you that once our students have passed the road test, they are guaranteed to become qualified drivers.

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Since 1996, throughout the Edmonton, Northgate Driving School has earned a great reputation for responsible driving instruction.Northgate driving school trains the students to drive proficiently to be safe on the road and to keep the other people safe. We teach one-on-one In-Car training. Drive all over the city, not in one area to ensure the students acquire the capabilities to drive safely. We make sure that our students learn all the traffic rules by exposing them to different parts of the city. Students are instructed not to use the cell phones or to engage in any personal business while driving. We are punctual. We have integrity prices.

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The best driving school in the area. Includes clear instructions and a lot of explanation. I learned more about driving than i thought I would. Already recommended to friends.

I took Kelly’s class back at the start of February and went for my first road test on the 1st of March and passed with a very good score! This driving education school is easiely the best one in Edmonton, probably all of Alberta.


Provide affordable and best driving training available in Edmonton